The parable of the five spears

From my friend David - a parable

Well you all know that we have had a quite a year in the Banner household, but the outstanding event in my mind is the support of David Katende to help me plot this way through quite a mess.

His big advice was to not respond to emails, and he told the following story that he grew up with in Uganda.

If a man has 5 spears and throws one at you – to try and hurt you – if you catch it and send it back to him with extra vigour, and keep doing that every time he throws a spear at you, at the end he will still have 5 spears to throw at you next time.

Instead, if every time he throws a spear at you, you catch it and keep it safe, but don’t throw it back. In the end he will have no spears left and run out of energy.

Whilst a simple parable, it was probably the single best piece of advice I have ever received, and probably the most useful piece of advice for my future as well.

I am a little known – in my past – for my bad emails. Can I say sorry to anyone who has received a bad one from me?

I now use an ’email ettiquette’ document that I edited from that helps me make sure I keep true to my beliefs (and not my bad behaviour)

What about you? How do you make sure that you don’t make a mistake with emails?

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