Our Aurora

Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you the future you hope for’. (paraphrase)

All her life Merle has wanted to see the Aurora. For this year’s 26th Wedding Anniversary we arranged a short weekend in Iceland, hoping on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday night we might see it in the sky.

To see an Aurora, several things have to go right. You need clear sky (no clouds), no moon, electo-magnetic activity and luck!

We got there super late on Friday and were too tired to stay up looking. The sky was clear. but there was little electro-magnetic activity.

On Saturday night, prospects were low. I had just looked at the websites that predict Aurora activity in Iceland. They had all said the probability, already low, was dropping. Probability was going to go up again only once we had left Reykjavik to fly home. I left the resteraunt in Selfoss a little sad that all the experts were saying we wouldn’t see it. We were planning to drive to a remote place, where there were no city lights and stay up all night watching the sky from the hire car – just in case. As we walked back in the crunching snow to the log cabin I prayed. “Lord, can you show us the Aurora please?”.

I knew he could, but I wondered if he would.

I turned to look at the sky – filled with the lights of the City and street lights above me.

Suddenly, even instantly the Aurora was clearly visible. The ‘green curtain’ as it is known.

“Look Merle, isn’t that the Aurora?”, I said.

“Yes,” she said and tears filled her eyes.

“That’s actually the Aurora !”, I said, “I’d just prayed and now its there!”, I said,  and started bouncing up and down in the snow.

We raced to the car and drove to a better spot, out of the built up area. We sat for an hour watching as it grew and faded. We took pictures on the phone – they are not the best pictures BTW. On the way back to the cabin Merle said, “This was our Aurora – the one I had always hoped for”.

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