Introducing the Saved course

As part of my end of year consultation period with friends and loved ones, to consider what we would do in 2020, one idea seemed very strong. That was to create an online teaching course that could be send over WhatsApp to the roughly 2000 pastors and leaders in the district that my good friend Bishop Davis Katende overseas as part of the Fellowship of Born Again Churches in Uganda.

I started the year with lots of experiments to work out what would work, what video production techniques to use, what whiteboarding software etc, and I am very pleased to introduce you now to the first course that came from that work.

Just to say that they are specifically designed and created to be very low footprint size. That means if a UK or USA pastor sees them and thinks to give me some feedback that the video quality is not great – please don’t.

These videos are targeted at pastors that have a smartphone to watch the content, and typically pay for a data sim, but don’t have broadband in any kind of way that we would understand. A 1Gb high quality video would just mean hundreds of pastors would use all their data allowance to see one video. So we deliberately make them super small. They are even ‘bump’ enabled, which means that they can be shared between smartphones by blue tooth without any SIM card data use.

Saved is a multi week short video course on the subject of Salvation – a topic that my good friend David suggested I start with.

Salvation is a complicated topic, so we try to break it down into the building blocks that allow the whole salvation story to be told over several weeks. It’s designed to be teachable – I.e. people can take the video teaching and use it in sermons. Every now and they – as well as the teaching series, we will release ‘Pastoral and Teaching’ notes to go with the content.

All the videos are available on the YouTube channel SafeandHumbleProphets. We also deliver all content by Whatsapp as well.

If you want to know more, then click on this link here to go to the index’s of Saved teaching videos. Once you’ve watched one, if you are interested in getting more – then get in touch and we will add you to the list. The videos were specifically designed for the African church (or places where English is not the main or only language) but we are getting lots of resonance for them from other parts of the planet.

Finally ….. I want to thank all the people that have helped with feedback and encouragement – you are the best 🙂

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