All about Ian and Merle Banner

Ian and Merle Banner

Hi – thanks for finding this personal page about us. If you are looking for Ian’s professional page where he talk about his business work in the UK, then please click here

I chose the picture above around 5 years ago. I think it represents me. I feel very different from other people and that used to be a problem but I am now happy how God made me.

I am Ian Banner and I have a few passions …

First I am passionate about the God whom I serve. I am a 55 years old born again charismatic christian who lives in Sheffield, UK.

I am passionate about my family. I have been married to my wife Merle for nearly 30 years – we met at university. We have two adult children.

Matthew is studying Aerospace Engineering at Sheffield University.

Joshua has a Masters in Ciivil Engineering, and is now writing a PhD in climate change at Sheffield University

We live and worship at a local church in Yorkshire.

Here are me and Merle demontrating a deep biblical teaching

merle and ian-final

Here’s a few recent photo of Merle taken in a Large Garden in the UK. My wife loves to visit large gardens. I go with her and usually write while she looks around

merle picture-final

My two sons finishing the build of a 3D printer. It only took us 6 months!

josh and Matthew

I am passionate about the church is Jesus Christ around the world rising up and taking its destiny forward as we reach the end times and revival comes to myself, my family, my church, my city, my country and my world. I am sure that a revival is coming because it says so in the Bible and God told me and many others in dreams. You can click here to read the dream on my blog

I am grateful that the Lord has blessed my life with many wonderful friends, adventures and gifts.

  • I am a travel preacher (been doing that for 20 years), where I preach and pray for people prophetically.
  • I sometimes lead worship (started doing that around 3 years ago)
  • I write books. My most well know is, “How to hear God Book One : Beginnings’ by Ian Banner. You can find out about that here
  • I am the co-director of a charity in Uganda, called Forever Caring Homes. The charity is designed to look after young children who have lost their parents through the AIDS epidemic that swept through Africa. It’s quite small, and lots of others do work like this as well, but I do it because I felt the lord tell me to.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at and keep up to date with what Merle and I are doing by clicking here

All my thoughts and writing starts on my blog, “God and stuff’, which you can get here.

Or you can facebook me. My facebook page is here