Happy and Humbled by the book launch

How to Hear God - revisited and revised

I am very excited .. and happy …. and humbled.

If you know me personally I have had many independent prophetic words about being a writer. Some of you will know this is true since I published a little independent book in 2011, but I felt from the Lord it was the season to really devote myself again to this instruction.

It’s been several years since the original edition of How to hear God, my first book first left the pages of my computer and started to be sold on Amazon.

At first I was just happy that I had managed to get a book out there. I was delighted I would be able to say I had written a book. I wasn’t that worried if it sold. That was not the point. The point was I had managed to do it and I had obeyed what I felt the Lord said to me.

I had no understanding of marketing or launching the book at all.

In the first week my pastor bought a copy.

By week three I had sold three copies and I wondered who the other purchasers were? I was really amazed when it started selling at all.

Finally (suddenly? unexpectedly?) the book started to sell and I started to get emails from all over the world thanking me of the content. These emails inspired me and at times comforted me through some hard times, when I was being judged for my motives and criticised. I would like to thank everyone that wrote to me, from all corners of our Lord’s planet.

Now – as part of a series of books to be published in 2016 and 2017 my first book has been re-launched. Doing a ‘proper book launch’ was completely new to me but I decided I wanted to learn, and over the last few months I have learnt how to market and launch a book using the best internet resources and techniques used. I was truly a ‘newbie learning the basics’. As well as learning LOADS, the Lord  also assembled a great team to help me …

Without doubt, my coach and personal writing mentor, Mimi is simply awesome! I simply could not have done it without you. I also want to than Lyndsay and Colleen for thoughtful editing and review work and Joanna and Jenni for publicity and Facebook help.

So here I am today

  • No 1 seller in all the categories I wanted on Amazon…. I know …. its simply ridiculous!
  • learnt a whole bunch of new skills
  • made a whole bunch of new friends

I am so thankful to the Lord for his love and guidance and I am humbled by the thought that this is all in his plan for me.

Finally, thanks to all my friends and family and internet followers for getting hold of the book and tweeting it and passing it on etc…

In the words of Mimi – ’That’s Awesome!”



Ian lives and works in Sheffield, with his wife, Merle, his sons and a dog, and helps lead  ‘A Heart for Woodseats’, a new church plant near his home. He is a christian author and blogs at ianbanner.com. His most recent book can be found at 

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