The School of Safe and Humble Prophets

Hi – and welcome to the page that tell the story of The School of Safe and Humble Prophets.

In 2011 I started getting invites to Africa and started to get to know David Katende. David is a Born Again pastor and senior leader of Life Changing Church, near Kampala, Uganda.

Over the years David has become a dear friend and co-builder of many things together.

In 2018 I started to get a vision to take my church visits one step further and started to formalise much of the travelling preaching I did on the subject of the Prophetic. I realised there was a need for the solid teaching and understanding I had of how to fit a prophetic voice into a church without that voice being seen as a threat to the Senior leader of the church, or their team.

I saw many churches where the story of the prophetic seemed to centre around younger men who believed that they could hear God better than the leaders and – in frustration – they would go off and do their own thing, leaving the protection and discipleship that a good church can give. This always caused problems and pain to the young people and the people that loved them, which always included the pastors of the church they left !

I resolved to do something about this, a formed The school of safe and humble prophets.

Now several times a year I travel to Africa (mainly Uganda) and run a 2 day conference on the best teaching and understanding that I have learnt over the years – in the hope and belief that I can help others (prophetic gifting) through the journey to some level of maturity and effectiveness sin the church.

I am also the author and director of several small video teaching series on various teaching subject. The first of these is ‘Saved’. Click here to find out more.

If you would like me to come to your church and run a 2 day conference on the prophetic, please use the get in touch link to contact me – I am always interested in hearing stories and helping church leaders