Apple vs Android – Battery life

So I was on the train travelling to London for business, and I sat at a table to do some work. So did three other people.
They all had iPhone 5s. I had my Samsung Note 4.

There were two power sockets between the four of us. I sat and watched as all three iPhone users got out their chargers and started negotiating who should use the power sockets. I think they knew each other. This was early in the morning, and they already knew they would run out of power.

“I have the longest day and don’t know when I will be able to charge again.”

“I only have 87% percent battery now – that won’t last.”

“You have one of those charging bricks you can use later…”

“The battery on this phone is old now. I could do with an upgrade but I still have four months before I can.”

After all this was settled we started talking.

Did I use an iPhone? I went into my standard pitch ….

No – I use a Note 4…

– Look how good the screen is.
– It has a built-in pen for notes that isn’t pretending to be my finger.
– Look, I can put a micro SD card in and watch any films I want. No worry about memory capacity or getting the files onto my phone.
– If it runs out of power, I can switch to my spare battery, which is in my pocket and cost me £11.00 from Amazon.
– If the main battery wears out I just buy a new one.
– If the battery gets too low I can switch to ultra power mode. I currently have 86% battery. In ultra power mode that would last me 11 days. I can still make calls, send texts, and use the Internet, Facebook and WhatsApp.
– Also, have you tried wireless charging yet?

There are many things in my life that I haven’t sorted, but I have sorted out my phone. 🙂

Then I got the usual questions

– How much does that cost?
– Tell me about that ultra power saving mode again. Really – 11 days?

Why do people buy a phone that can’t really last an entire day before needing charging?

One thought on “Apple vs Android – Battery life

  1. Mimi E November 12, 2015 / 11:19 am

    Possibly because they, like me, assume that all phones nowadays last for a week. I was hugely surprised to find out that my phone doesn’t.

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