How to Hear God by Ian Banner

I wrote this book because I could not find a simple to read and simple to understand book that teaches the basics of how to hear God.

Ian Banner

Would you like to hear God more in your life than you do now? Do you hear stories of people who claim to hear God and wonder if that could ever happen to you? Are you finding your Christian life a struggle and just wish God was more intimate, more involved? Would you like some practical advice on how you can hear God?
If you answered any of these questions ‘Yes’, then this book is for you. Its purpose is to help you learn to hear God’s voice and to encourage you to do what he tells you.
Author Ian Banner says, “I have the privilege of being part of a team that regularly travels to preach, pray and prophecy to people. This book is full of all the tips and lessons God has taught us over the past 5 years. If you follow the advice written here, based on my very practical experience, I believe anyone with a heart to be used by God can learn to hear God’s voice and learn to pray, give words of knowledge and prophecy safely and effectively for other people.”
The book covers how to hear God yourself and how to use that gifting via words of knowledge, or prophecies, in sermons, when praying for people, running meetings or leading response times in church. Chapters include :
Baby Steps in hearing God and Prophecy
What do I mean by Personal Prophecies?
Co-operating with God in your life and ministry.
How to pray with people safely.
How to develop you gifting from occasionally praying for people in small groups to calling out prophecies and words of knowledge in large meetings.
What so do when things go wrong?
Plus other blogs, books and apps you can use to help you.

This book is a simple straightforward explanation of how to hear God for yourself and when praying for others. You can buy this at Amazon – just search for Ian Banner or click on the book picture above.

Reviews on Amazon

“What can  I  say,  this  is  a  truly  amazing  book  by  a  great author!  It  is  clear  that  the  author  has  a  deep  and  committed relationship  with  God  and  that  going  diving  into  a  life  that serves  him  has  been  a  real  adventure  with  many  lessons.  The author  shares  some  of  these  lessons  and  moments  from  his journey  in  a  way  that  gently  challenges  and  encourages  the reader  to  begin  stepping  out  in  prayer  and  prophecy  straight away  –  regardless  of  the  setting.”

“Ian communicates in a down to earth manner. His real-life examples make it easy to understand Biblical principles in hearing  God while praying for others.  This  is  a  very  easy  to digest  book  for  anyone  who  wants  to  develop  a  spiritual  ear  to hear  the  voice  of  God  and  prophetically  be  able  to  encourage others  in  their  walk  with  the  Lord”

“This  book  is  beautifully  written.  It  is  packed  with  scripture and  organised  into  7  easy  to  read  studies.  I’m  looking  forward to  reading  the  next  one”

“I  loved  the  real-life  stories  that  Ian  used  to  explain  his teachings  in  the  book.  The  daily  plan  is  detailed  and  gives  the beginner  who  is  trying  to  establish  a  relationship  with  and hear  our  Lord’s  voice  the  process  and  instructions  to  do  just that.  Great  and  quick  read  as  well. “

“I  always  knew  in  my  spirit  that  God  was  talking  directly  to me,  but  in  the  doubt  given  to  me  by  the  world,  my  spiritual ears  were  not  open  as  much  as  they  ought  to  be.  I’m  thankful for  Ian’s  honest  testimony  and  teaching.  My  new  faith,  as  a fruit  of  reading  this  book,  has  brought  me  to  a  place  where  I can  begin  to  hear  my  Lord  more  clearly.  Praise  God”

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