That’s time well spent

Over Christmas we decided to go and have a family breakfast in a restaurant and one of my Sons was in a grumpy ‘I’ve been woken up faaaar toooo early’ mood.

So we went to breakfast which was fine, inc the vegetarian options.

My youngest son was unhappy that the breakfast had ‘waisted so much precious time’.

On the way back I said to my youngest,”You hardly ever get up early at weekends”, his brother agreed, “Yes – you lose the whole morning.”

“That is time WELL SPENT”, my youngest said indignantly.

Getting up to eat .. that was a waste. Staying in to sleep… that was time well spent.

Made me think. If you had to give me 1 hour of your day today that was ‘well spent’ – what would you spend it on?

What do YOU do?

Its always nice when you do something for the first time….

Today I went to a new place for breakfast with my lovely family.  A friend worked there, so we decided to go and see what it was like. Merle had always wanted to visit anyway.

Our mutual friend introduced me to the owner, who asked me only one question, which was, “How long have you lived at your house?”. When I said, “Fifteen years”, he just said. “Wow”, then turned and said “Wow”, again to the wall.

I don’t think I have every been asked that question before (apart from on loan forms!) and it made me realise how sheltered/stable a life I lead.

I was being introduced to someone who, of all the questions to ask me, thought that was the most important. And he was a nice guy.

It made me think, ‘What question would you ask if you met someone for the first time?’ Apparently the Queen says, ‘What do you do?’