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Here are some questions:

Q: Why do I need to do this? Isn’t facebook friend enough?
A: No because then facebook decides what you see, not us or you. You could miss an update because facebook wants to show you a game, or an advert. Click here if you want updates from us directly to your in box.

Q:Is it safe?
A: Its very safe and easy to use. Once we know its you (we check that the email address you give us works) we’ll start sending you regular updates from our Website and facebook pages, you wont need to go and find them, and you wont need to worry about missing any either. Its all taken care of for you. Just click here

Q: Are you going to bombard my inbox with emails?
A: No at all, but whilst we are abroad you might get one a day. The rest of the time maybe once a month.

Q: Can I stop getting emails if I want?
A: Yes. Every email we send you will contain a link that you can click to get deleted from our list. It is called ‘unsubscribe’. Click on it any time and we’ll say goodbye, but first click here to say hello!